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NSPCC – ‘It’s Time’

“My time of working with Nikki has been a discovery of excellence, I have honestly never come across an individual so organized and so capable in her role.  Nikki has seen our agency through some of the most impossible challenges in orchestrating complex schedules right through to thinking of the smallest detail.

Myself and my team have been in awe of the care and attention Nikki has paid to every scale of project budget, and annoyingly to top it off she is damn great person to deal with too, which just takes a huge lump of stress out of the whole operation.”

Duncan Thomas

Managing Director, Pomegranate Media

“Nikki, not only delivered a breadth of incredible talent, she was also instrumental in coaxing great performances during the auditions. With Nikki helming our casting we got exactly what we wanted and needed all under the most pressured schedule.”

Waiel Al-Nour, Director ‘GIFT OF LIFE’, Channel 5/5Creative

“We worked with Nikki on the Football Manager advertising from 2012-14. Her casting was spot on and, thanks to her meticulous pre-production planning, every shoot proved a great success”

David Kempshall, Marketing/Brand Manager, SEGA

STORK – Ready to Bake

Channel 5 – ‘The Gift of Life’

“I have worked with Nikki for 2 years now and quite simply, if I have a shoot that involves any kind of production, the first person I call is Nikki. Working with Nikki means I don’t have to worry about what she is doing, or look over her shoulder as I know she will ensure she completely understands the job and the purpose of the shoot. She is highly creative and experienced and will bring things to my attention that I may have missed, and at the same time is extremely collaborative, there is no ‘big ego’ to have to deal with. She creates a strong sense of team and family on shoots and all my technical crew love her. In short, creative, meticulous, extremely hard working and a pleasure to have around.”

Ranald Mackechnie


Nando’s Uk – Bag & Bake

ITV – Lord Lucan: My Husband, The Truth

Clarks – Wonder of Wisdom ‘Jane Goodall’

Barclays – Is that email really from your boss?

Visit England – ‘Discover your England’

Barclays – ‘The Courier Scam’

STORK – Baking Generations

MIB – Own worst nightmare

Umbro – ‘The Heart and Soul of Football’

SEGA – Football Manager

Barclays – Is that email really from your boss?

Select Fashion/TOWIE – ‘Fashionistas’

100% Character Uncovered – Meet Jamie

Channel 5 – ‘World’s strongest Man’

Umbro – ‘For the love of Boots’

Select Fashion/TOWIE -‘Selfie’

100% Character Uncovered. Meet Lorraine

NBC 100% Character – Amir Miah

“Early in 2015 I had a little shoot to do for a client new to film. All the usual attendant issues. Wanted Spielberg production values for a can’o’spam budget. Nikki rallied. We had fantastic talent. Fantastic crew. And made the whole thing work.   The next issue was that the client went off the actress he chose so we had recast and reshoot her part and then edit the new actress seamlessly in to the first shoot material. No easy feat on a shoe-string. Again Nikki rallied, and we won the day.  In film it isn’t whether challenges are going to crop up, it’s when.  When they do, that’s when you find out whether you’re really cut out for the business. Anyone can breeze through a simple shoot with loads of money and a fair wind. Nikki is one of those consummate professionals that’s good when it really counts. When the sh*t hits the fan. That’s worth its weight in budgetBetween you and me, she’s quite literally an arse saver.  So the real question is, can you afford not to hire her?”

James Sinclair

Global Creative Director, Ex-Saatchi & Saatchi

“Nikki has been casting and producing for us for many years and she is now an extension of our team. She has the same attention to detail that I pride ourselves on and I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else. No detail is overlooked and often flagging up things that we didn’t think of at the time, she is worth every single penny. If I asked her to find me a talking dog she would find it, and it would probably be able to play drums too! My work is made so much simpler knowing that every detail will be taken care of by Nikki, allowing me to focus on what I need to be doing. Her years of experience really shine when things get tricky, always producing a solution with a smile. Nikki is a a real asset and a pleasure to work with!”

Darren Mostyn

Online Creative Ltd

“Nikki Meadows Casting were a joy to work with. We had a challenging brief with a tight schedule and modest budget, but Nikki surpassed all of our expectations. She was collaborative and imaginative throughout the process, presenting some fantastic casting choices which helped us find an adorable, bright and funny 3 year old star-in-the-making for our commercial.”

Andrew William, Creative Director Vamanos – Paddy’s Bathroom TVC

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nikki in her roles as both Producer and Casting Director for several years. I have always found Nikki to be extremely organised, highly efficient and on top of her game and I am always taken with the regularity with which so many of my clients comment on what a great job she has done. I can recommend Nikki without hesitation – she would be a huge asset to any production.”

David Ward, Director, David Ward Films Ltd